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Authors: Hanawi, Mayadah
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2021
Publisher: Nida’ Al-Qur’an
Abstract: Social interactions in Indonesia in the millennial and digital era are now found in many cases of violence and crime. The pathology of community behavior is caused by factors of individual or factors of the family and community environment. The various pathologies of behavior in Islam consist of deviations from oneself, towards Allah, and others. The impact of behavioral pathology is also detrimental to the perpetrator and others. The solution to reduce the spike in behavioral pathologies in society is not only by giving punishments for perpetrators of acts of violence and crime but very important is that perpetrators must realize their mistakes and be willing to repent sincerely, not repeat them and purify themselves with worship. and improve knowledge and morals. And for all people, they must prevent behavioral pathologies by increasing knowledge about the potential given by Allah SWT to humans in the form of reason and knowledge to always think before acting, and also Allah gives a heart that can have tendencies and feel discomfort over deviant behavior that can harm yourself and others.
ISSN: 2810-0697
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