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Title: Deskripsi Berpikir Higher Order Thingking Skill (HOTS) Dalam Proses Pembelajaran Kurikulum (Silabus dan RPS) KKNI Pada Mata Kuliah (Studi PAI Tingakat SMP) di IIQ Jakarta
Authors: Reksiana
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Proceeding The 1st Annual Conference on Islamic Education (ACIED) 2019
Abstract: This paper focuses on the analysis of the description of Higher Order Thingking Skill (HOTS) in the Learning Process Curriculum (Syllabus and RPS) KKNI in IIQ Jakarta. It was found that, with the application of the Reflective-Metacognitive Learning (RML) model integrated with the Garrison, Anderson, and Archer version models divides four critical thinking skills: (1) trigger event / responsive to events, (2) exploration / exploration, (3) integration / integration, and (4) resolution / propose. At this stage of the resolution, students propose hypothetical solutions, or apply solutions directly to issues, dilemmas, or problems they have encountered in the field and test ideas than hypotheses. Evidently from the implemetation of these two models can improve the learning process and the level of thinking of students of Islamic Education Study Program Tarbiyah IIQ Jakarta, and notably in digital age 4.0. Practice of reflective attributions in each stage of learning to activate the conscious thought process to enhance students' metacognitive abilities through four phases: (1) Reflection on Orientation; (2) Reflection of the Organization; (3) reflection of Execution; and (4) Reflection of Verification. This article uses descriptive analysis research method
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